Rachel M. Carmena


Published: 14 July 2021
Last updated: 5 September 2021

Reading books and articles, watching talks and documentary films, and listening to stories with critical thinking can help us to raise our awareness and to become better people personally and professionally.

Let’s see some books that helped me in this profession.

When learning

When programming

When versioning source code

When creating products

When releasing

From my point of view, an interesting book for any technical profile in this profession:

When working in a team

An idea

If you have a book library in your company, add a poster with some advice:

  • No hurry.
  • Rereading is allowed.
  • Enjoy: if it’s not the right moment for a particular book, take another one and try it again later.
  • Take regular breaks for assimilation and reflection.
  • Share what you read (conversations, posts, small talks, drawings, etc).

Further reading


Image by Speedy McVroom from Pixabay